“El Cyonazo” is the brainchild of Yasmile Santana. It is an annual celebration that focuses on baseball, athletics and the community of Tovar. It is a weekend-long event that is underwritten by the Santanas and local corporate sponsors. The “El Cyonazo” achieves a variety of goals in the community. The distributed toys provide a child with the tools to be active and reach developmental milestones. The celebratory environment creates connectivity and solidarity in the community.

The focus on baseball and athletic pursuits emphasizes the importance of wellness and physical health. The focus on team sports provides the children with a safe and structured environment and encourages teamwork and camaraderie. The connection with the hometown hero, Johan Santana and his professional success provides the children with a real-life role model. It also is a testament to the importance and value of long-term goals and aspirations.